We’re the Republic

We’re the Republic

We will cross the Rubicon. It went either of two ways, which yet to our knowledge, perpetual prosperity or eternal damnation. History truly repeats itself. As the victory that once was, crossing such river brought forth the perpetual prosperity to the fighters of the People. The People that spoke to take back their control of the Republic, took it back from the actors of the State. When the actors in place are placed for the representation of their fellow neighbors, fails his job in securing the interests of he who represents, he has lost the State. The same state that declares the laws of the land, which they do not abide by, is the same state that dangles it on a scimitar. When the deceitfulness becomes blatant, to the point where one side is blinded by it, the light of intent is removed from the People. These same actors, in history and in our current world of affairs, are parallel to each other, and both represent the same ideals; the destruction of anything to preserve their way of life. Their way of life deters their role as the representative of the People, as the People he rules, lives by a different set of rules and modes of life.

The Rubicon has been crossed by the one who was betrayed, not by the People, but by the state. Betrayed on the basis of the panicking within the power vacuum that made one side feel attacked by the authority of the man of the People. No matter the number of delights and prosperity he brought, the state spoke. The state’s interests are with themselves, and they acted on them; forever they will be within the mouth of the fallen angel.

The state decided that the faith of the republic falls with their needs. We are living parallel to history. President Donald John Trump parallel to Julius Gaius Caesar, The Roman Republic parallel to The United States of America, and the Senators parallel to the deep state. Both men not of political heritage, both states epitomes of success for their time and both groups did not have the state in the heart. Both parallels mirror one another in various aspects, to the extent that it is frightening. The next couple of weeks, and maybe months will determine the rest of western civilization, similarly how the Roman Republic turned into the Roman Empire. The foundation of the City soiled by tyrants, where survivors of the wave pledged to never place supreme power in one man’s hands, to forgetting of that nightmare, until their eventual stark demise with different values, Rome was a marvel of societal advancement for civil society and their fall signalled hundreds, perhaps one thousand years, of setbacks for global development. We are on the same path.

We fought against the ideas of the tyrants, pledged to place the power of the sovereign into the People who live in it, and pledged to live alongside each other, with the same rules. Ideas that were developed within the western world as personal freedoms and individuality are on the line. Hundreds of years of bloodshed, in order to maintain peace within our scope, and freedom as a worldwide right, these same fights are forgotten today and were once forgotten on the Senate floor in Rome. The societal scars somehow fully healed and fell off the skin of freedom. Openly, ideas of subjugation under different sets of laws, apparent or not, are freely passed on within society, with society willingly ignoring and pretending it doesn’t exist. Actions speak louder than words, but to them, words speak louder than actions. What one man does, is less acknowledged and appreciated than what one man says. What one man does, does not matter, it’s what the others say and believes that trumps the truth. It was once and is today.

The fork we’re at has been crossed, with two separate and opposing directions. One was lived and went as such and the other to be theorized. The rule of the state got stripped of the People and given to the elite, while simultaneously undermining every and all legal paths to power; hence, the rule of law did not apply to some. The same people who went around the law to attain power wished to retain their reputation and heritage. The same people who said one thing but did the other. The same people betrayed their Patria and their punishment for so was eventual damnation. But, that did not happen overnight, it happened for a reason, and the reason is the same as today. Our proto-leaders rule with an iron fist, with the weapons of our time; information and the minds they own.

The ruling class has grown accustomed to their background rule of the planet. Their rule appears to be for the People and chosen by the People, but their path has already been paved and planned for them, by them. We took back control of the construction of our streets, and we are approaching quickly the fork previously mentioned. Because the Truth is the only thing that holds their legitimacy, the Truth will, and has been concealed, openly. Anyone speaking the Truth, thinking about it, displaying it or embodying it, holds the same founding principles dear of our fathers. We are the embodiment of everything that the state desires for itself. Our Interests have appeared to be protected but truly forgotten by several generations of prosperity and security. Law and Order is what we seek to enable, everyone under the same banner of equality and prosperity. We are all People of the state, and we are the only ones who can build our futures, and if we make the right decisions, we merit every ounce of prosperity that the system offers. The ability to endeavour in whatever which way we desire continues to push the boundaries of innovation and propensity it can and will offer to more and more People. These same ideas of self freedom and responsibility have been proven to attract and influence the world to the fruits that it has offered. Any restriction on the freedom of potential prosperity of any kind is a direct attack on the foundation of our classical liberal society.

These same ideas were once undermined by the same elite that are undermining freedom lovers in our current day. The prosperity, comparative for their time, the Roman Republic proved to offer is seen in their grotesque architecture that still stands hundreds of years later. The glory Julius brought to his Patria invoked the normal citizen to feel a sense of patriotic pride and raison d’etre in such a marvellous society. Buildings of never conceived proportions glazed with marble, riches redistributed to its beloved People and a return to its traditional norms and foundation of power to the People, by the People and for the People.

The Rubicon was intended to be crossed on June 16, 2015. Everything that has happened after that moment was Us marching towards the Rubicon. Wins that pumped the base of the People, but losses that proved over and over that the opposition truly does not have the People’s interest at heart. The true undermining of democratic values is broken by the loudest group. They are unknowingly ignoring any semblance of transparency when advocating for transparency. The same side appearing to advocate publicly for equality, truly advocate for segregation. The same side arguing prosperity, working against it for the normal man. The power of information has brought People to the stagnation of constant information. Open-conflicting information is pumped to the unknowing brain of the populace in order to convince them of something that is neither true nor verifiable. The destruction of objective facts, distortion of truth and overt manipulation are all tools made to divert the freedom train. The subjective has taken over.

Open conspiracy to plan a coup on the Will of the People, planned by Brutus, Cassius and the rest of the conspirators, lead to the demise of the Roman Republic. Everything that followed suit was doomed from the start. The want for absolute power was a cyclical cycle that was intended to fail. Anyone holding absolute power had everyone’s eyes stroked on him every moment of the day. Every step he takes needs careful attention because if they did it to the great Kaiser, they can do it to anyone. Coups, or in other words, the destruction of the Will of the People, was openly advocated for and incentivized after a long period of continual accumulating prosperity. Riches and prosperity were part of Roman life and bringing glory to his city will be the greatest thing he can ever do. All of a sudden, escalating conflicts exploded when the speaker of the People had too much influence when the people had too much power, the elites did not want that conclusion. The elites have forever wanted the People to be lesser, not equal. The man who embodied the People, and who stood for their patriotic ideals, was assassinated, and so was their prosperity forever, until its eventual demise.

We are on the brink of this step. But that is one of the two situations on the horizon. We cannot let that happen. Our beliefs, ideas, and hearts deriving from the enshrinement from our constitution of the land are on the firing squad sequence, but we can still reach for our pistol in our pockets. The possibility of prosperity is within our grasps, and the next couple of days, weeks or maybe even months will determine the rest of the stance of the western free classical liberal ideas of human liberty and responsibility. Our oligarchs are thirsty for any sort of power, direct or indirect. Our unelected officers control nearly all the world’s infrastructure and their influence can be traced back to our enemies who seek to destroy and assimilate us all. Their interests are not of ours but of the enemies’. The monetary benefit and success these foreign actors and influencers have within society is shocking and should make you question who is ruling you, working with you, or even loves you. Any and all actions/words made through your lens of Truth are and will be attacked by these same actors and by the people they have controlled through the war of information. If you are bombarded since an undefined day that your right hand is your left hand, the moment someone will tell you your right hand is your right hand, you will not be able to distinguish nor comprehend that the idea you believed was wrong the whole time, thus concluding you to continue to believe what you believe, in spite of the reality. Show them an apple with their eyes closed, they’ll scream that it’s red and that it’s only red when an apple can be various other colours when refusing to look at what they are criticizing and claiming to be True.

For whatever happens in the not so far future, our ideas are none other than good and fight for individual freedom for any and all. For our enemies deserve the worst, for intending the worse on us.

We will correct the mistakes made by our forefathers of the distant past, we will push for the Republic to be glorious and everlasting and we will not stop until those vary same ideas of power to the People, by the People and for the People are protected until everyone’s last breath.

May the communists and their allies within every flank of society be chewed in one of the three heads of the Beast, alongside Brutus and Cassius. For the Republic, then turned Empire, burned to the ground, we shall go down with our Republic after all flanks and opportunities are seized, and no other fight can be fought.

In God we Trust.

Friday, the eight-teenth of December, two-thousand and twenty.


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